Popular excuses for not exercising today.. and my responses to them

Excuses, excuses..






Just ask Mrs JAL – I don’t like excuses! If you just don’t want to do something, then fine – don’t do it. But don’t pretend you would if this, if that and if the other.


I’m starting this post tonight, and it’s quite short.. But beware – I intend to add to it as-and-when, over time, whenever I hear a new one. So don’t let me hear one from YOU!

There are NO excuses!


In no particular order then…


1- It’s raining

And? You’re in the UK, it rains a lot – get over it. Besides, running in the rain is an absolute joy! Not many things that are that invigorating. Lace up, get out the door.


2 – I’m tired

We’re all tired, and whatever you think – tomorrow you’re not going to feel any better. Although.. you probably will feel better tomorrow (and tonight) if you get off your butt and start sweating now! The increase in heart rate, fresh air through the lungs, muscles moving.. you’ll feel a lot better. And if after 10 minutes you really don’t feel it? Stop, that’s fine. Sometimes – just sometimes – we really are too tired to go for it. But it’s very rare – and you don’t know for sure until you get going and give it a go.


3 – I’ve got a baby

Great, congratulations! So kill two birds with one stone – get your exercise done and entertain the little one at the same time.

How about taking bubs out for a long brisk walk in the pushchair? Or even a run. The fresh air will do you both good and you both might sleep better tonight!

Or if you fancy home exercise, involve the nipper! I sometimes “bench press” my son – it’s a game, and he loves it. PLUS he’s the perfect barbell – he increases ever so slightly in weight each session. Thanks, son 😉




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